We love podcasting!

iLaskov Radio Imaging would like to take you on a journey to the Next Generation Podcasting.

A place where your podcast will sound even more interesting and polished, having its very own professionally produced intros and outros, jingles, basic and specific IDs, and why not processed in an FM radio fashion?

We at iLaskov Radio imaging will create your new Podcast imaging package using the most experienced and popular voice over actors in the industry, and will produce them nicely, using cutting edge sound technology with our unique production style.

If you are tired of podcast jingles and sweepers that sound quickly put together with some old school lasers and whooshes, if the original idea of your podcast imaging was the voice to sound more like the guy from the movie trailers but the end result was far from it, then please take a listen to our demos.

Pricing starts from £180 per package (1x Intro, 1x Outro and 3 IDs). And this is the real stuff you can hear on the FM or DAB radio every day. No odd sound effects, we promise!

Not confident in your production skills? Let us help! We will mix and master your entire podcast for you. Please get in touch and ask for our great Podcast production deal.

Pricing starts from as little as £40 for an episode up to 30 minutes. The more you offer, the better the price. Monthly subscriptions available from £90.

Subscription-based services:

Branded Intros // Power Intros

Branded Hooks


Mobile recording

Live remote broadcast

Imaging for the Podcast Industry

Radio imaging:

Custom-made sung jingles

Voice-over IDs


Podcast imaging:

Podcast intros and outros

Podcast IDs and features

Podcast production

Podcast mastering

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